Help needed for the GCHS’s rural and country school project

The Gregory County Historical Society is working on putting together a book on the history of the rural & country schools that existed in Gregory County. We are asking for your help. Could you please respond to any or all of the questions below? These questions are just a guide you can use in writing some information up for us. If you have more to add, please do so.


What was the name of the school you attended and where was it located?

What years did you attend that school?

Who were some of the teachers you had and what do you remember most about them?

How far did you have to travel to school and what was the means of transportation that you got there?

Who were some of the other students that attended?

What was the school building like, what type of heat was used & what type of furnishings were there in the school?

What games did you play both inside and outside? What type of playground equipment was there?

What did you do for lunch?

What subjects did you have?

What was your daily schedule like?

What memories do you have from your days attending country school?

Do you have any information on the history of your school or do you know what happened to it once it closed?

Was there anything “special” about your school?

Do you have any pictures that we could make copies of?


THANK YOU for your help!

Committee members: Jack Broome, Dorothy Boes, Dave Dobesh, Doug Spitzenberger, Jerry Peterson, Clarence Shoemaker, Richard Rubel and Clark Gies