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“OLD MAN WINTER” JUST DOESN’T WANT TO LET GO……..only this past Thursday there was a good foot of ice on Burke Lake and fishermen were active. The ice was starting to deteriorate a bit however, but was safe at that time. Most ice fishermen in this area, including this writer, put away the short poles by week’s end and are starting to get out the long poles checking guides, oiling reels, restringing reels, etc. It’s a good time of the year to clean out the tackle box, snell hooks, make spinners, etc. etc.

Watching tonight’s (Monday) weather report the weather folks are forecasting yet more snow to fall over the coming week! Unless we get a quick turnaround, Mother Nature is going to put the damper on the early spring high school activities calendar. And……the poor Easter Bunny may have to hide his eggs in the snow!

“THE BIG DANCE” IS APPROACHING AS THE FINAL DANCES ARE NOW ON THE DANCE CARD. It’s been a fun tournament. This corner is pulling for Cinderella eleventh seeded Loyola. It’s been fun to watch the SDSU men and women and USD women in the NIT. While the Rabbit men and women took an early exit from the dance floor they certainly gave a good accounting of themselves playing the big boys and girls down to the wire. We had the opportunity to watch the USD women’s deep run in the NIT come to an end last night. The final score of 79-71 was not at all indicative on how close the game was. The Coyotes were in it until the last 30 seconds leading the Horned Frogs from Texas Christian University much of the game.

THE GREGORY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is continually working on its rural school project with the hope of compiling a book on this important part of our county’s history. We have received some information on schools like Streeter, Bunnell, Rambrant, Happy Hollow, Hall, Carlock #33, Ramis, Butte Valley, Climbing Hill, Jeppeson, Smith,Neuharth, McCumber, McMullen, Pleasant View, Rhoades #2, Star Valley, Lutz, Long, Haukaas. We likely have info on other schools that will be assimilated at our April meeting. We are woefully short of information on a lot of the schools and need the cooperation of former students and teachers who attended and worked at these schools. We are looking for stories pictures, memories etc. of this important part of our history. See you next week!

Author Jack Broome, originally published in the Burke Gazette on March 28, 2018

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